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BIS Wood Fireplace Inserts

BIS Wood Fireplace Insert in MontanaBIS has spent years researching and developing the most scientifically advanced fireplace inserts to date. BIS has placed a focus on creating the most environmentally sound, safe and economical fireplaces anywhere in the world. Talk to the experts at Rick's Rentals and Stoves to see which BIS Fireplace Insert is right for your wood heating needs.

BIS Ultra

Security Chimneys International Limited has kindled our dominance in the hearth market by researching and developing the most scientifically and environmentally advanced fireplaces on the market today.

Each of Security's four distinctive lines of fireplaces is designed to add hearth-warming features to any home.


  • Amongst the largest non-catalytic combustion controlled fireplaces
  • Sturdy cast-iron doors
  • 24K gold-plated or black doors
  • Ceramic glass provides extra margin of safety in cases of extreme heat
  • Choice of 2 door styles: Victorian or Contemporary arch shape
  • Decorative framed top and bottom louvres
  • Removable frame for a clean face application
  • Outside air kit (4" I.D. insulated flex pipe x 10 ft. long)
  • Outside air adapter
  • Refractories simulate a masonry hearth
  • Easy access ash pan
  • Knock-out on side and back to connect forced-air system


  • Firescreen
  • Gravity Kits
  • Forced-air heating kit for furnace hook-up
  • Clean face option


  • The BIS ULTRA fireplace is certified with Secure TempTM ASHT+ or Secure TempTM S-2100+ insulated stainless steel chimney

Additional Info

  • Heat Output: 60,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to: 2000 square feet.
  • Log Size: 18