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Save Money With Energy Credits!

Save money with energy and tax creditsThe government offers tax credits when you install a new energy efficient stove and Flathead Electric also offers incentives for the installation of Ductless Heat Pumps. When you purchase a new stove from Rick's Rental and Stoves we will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork and make sure you take advantage of all the tax and energy credits to save money!

Flathead Electric

A rebate of $1,000 is available to members who replace their current heating system with one of our LG Duct-Free Heat Pump and Air Conditioners! Combined with tax credits, this makes installing one of these units extremely affordable! Rick's Rental is a qualified Duct-Free installer so Flathead Electric will simply write you a check! Talk to Rick's Rental and Stoves to learn more.

Federal and State Government Tax Credits

The Federal Government offers tax credits of up to $300 for individuals who install a new energy efficient stove. When you purchase a new heat pump, wood, pellet or gas stove from Rick's Rental an individual qualifies for a $500 tax credit from the State of Montana as well. If you are married, both you and your spouse qualify for the credit for a total of $1000! Rick's Rental and Stoves will help you fill out the proper forms at the time of purchase making claiming your tax credits hassle free!